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Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a book that quickly captures children’s imaginations. Kids enjoy following Stick Man on his adventures and can easily identify with common themes running through the story: getting lost; being happy to be reunited with family; being called the wrong name; the endless possibilities for playing with a stick! The repetitive nature of the rhymes makes it great for second language learners. The story ends with Christmas and ties in nicely with the Xmas theme, but it is also great for exploring the seasons and/or weather.

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Kids Club English Resources

Stick man Storytelling script thumbnails with stick man character on top

Stick Man Simplified Storytelling Script

The Stick man Simplified Storytelling Script makes telling the Stick Man story to EFL or ESL children more accessible and engaging. Use to prepare for a storytelling session or even in drama activities with your group.

Stick Man BIG BUNDLE resource cove


Save more than 20% with the Stick Man Big Bundle. Includes the 206 page Activity Pack, Digital Simplified Story, Listen and Choose and easy access to the free resources too.

Stick Man - Listen and Choose cover

Stick Man – Listen and Choose

Interactive digital task cards for Stick Man. Kids listen then choose the correct story picture. Great for EFL / ESL students or teletherapy.

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Stick Man Storyboard

Choose from a variety of templates to recreate the Stick Man story. Use in sequencing activities and/or to consolidate story language.

Stick Man simplified powerpoint story 1

Stick Man Simplified Powerpoint Story

This adapted version of Stick Man is designed especially for ESL /EFL kids. The simplified language and supporting images provide another dynamic and help language acquisition.

Storytelling videos

Stick Man songs

Seasons songs

Weather songs

Family songs

Christmas songs

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Find links to other Stick Man products and some free downloadable games and activities.

Stick Man story sack

Great ideas for how to create and use your own story sack.