Peace at Last


Peace at Last by Jill Murphy is the lovely story of poor Mr. Bear and his sleepless night. Mr. Bear goes from room to room trying to find a place to sleep with no noise. Kids love joining in with the noises! SNORE, SNORE goes Mrs. Bear. TICK TOCK goes the clock. And many more…

This is the perfect story for teaching home, furniture and house object vocabulary. It also connects well to the themes of animals and times of the day.

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Kids Club English Resources

Image of completed folding house craft model with text - learning through games and craft

Folding House Craft

Super easy folding house craft. Perfect for practising house and home vocabulary, in roleplay activities and to reenact stories.

Food and Things Flipbooks - mix and match 48 different picture and text combinations, 3 different versions, image of sample pages from the flipbook

Food and Things Flipbook Crafts – Ketchup on your Cornflakes

These Food and Things Flipbook crafts get kids using their creativity, practising English language and literacy and save you tons of time! Kids make their own combinations and talk about preferences and what goes together. Use to work on topic language or alongside Ketchup on your Cornflakes.

Peace at Last powerpoint story thumbnail cover

Peace at Last Simplified Powerpoint Story

Simplified and adapted Peace at Last PowerPoint, especially for EFL / ESL kids. Use as an alternative way to tell the story, to use in vocabulary games and to vary the storytelling dynamics.


Peace at Last Activity Pack

Fun, interactive activities to learn language related to house and home as well as useful phrases from the Peace at Last story. Each worksheet and craft is available in different templates so that you can choose the most appropriate according to level, age and context.

Storytelling videos

Home and Furniture songs

Steve's house - Video story

Learn room and furniture vocabulary with this short story from Steve and Maggie.