Meg's Eggs

Meg's Eggs book cover

Meg’s Eggs by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski is another great book in the meg and Mog series. Meg makes a spell to make eggs for dinner but it all goes wrong when the eggs hatch and out come DINOSAURS!

The story is full of bright colours and shapes and is perfect for a language focus on colours, shapes, food, animals or halloween. The story also ties in nicely with Easter.

See reviews and purchase options here or watch the storytelling videos.

Kids Club English Resources

cover image of the emotions pumpkin bracelets

Pumpkin Emotions Bracelets

These simple Pumpkin Emotions Bracelets are perfect for an easy and engaging paper craft that helps kids learn emotions and feelings vocab. great to connect with a Halloween or Autumn/Fall theme.

Meg the witch, Mog the cat, the cauldron and three dinosaur eggs. The image of the Storytelling script is in the background

Meg’s Eggs Simplified Storytelling Script

This Meg’s Eggs Storytelling script is an adapted version of the Meg’s Eggs story, especially for EFL/ESL young learners. Help your kids get more language out of this story, or even use for a drama performance.

Meg and Mog Numbers Jigsaws resource thumbnail cover

Meg and Mog Numbers Jigsaws

Practise counting, halloween, colours or story vocabulary. Print and play or have kids colour and make their own Meg and Mog jigsaws.

Meg's Eggs Simplified Powerpoint Story 1

Meg’s Eggs Simplified Powerpoint Story

Use this simplified Meg’s Eggs powerpoint as an alternative way to tell the story. The language is adapted especially for ESL/EFL children to aid language acquisition and learning.

Meg and Mog Activity Pack thumbnail cover

Meg and Mog Activity Pack

The Meg and Mog Activity Pack is crammed with differentiated worksheets, crafts, games and cards to help teach English through the story and related topics.

Meg's Eggs Activity Pack thumbnail cover

Meg’s Eggs Activity Pack

The Meg’s Eggs Activity Pack contains crafts, worksheets, games and cards to complement the Meg’s Eggs story by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski.

Storytelling videos

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