Meg and Mog

meg-and-mog story

Meg and Mog is a classic series of children’s books featuring Meg, a witch, and Mog, her cat. The books are an excellent source of language for both first and second language acquisition. They can be enjoyed at any time of the year, not just Halloween!

This story is a great springboard into the topics of Clothes, Food, Animals and, of course, Halloween.

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Kids Club English Resources

Storytelling videos

Clothes songs

The Meg and Mog story can be a useful link to a focus on clothes vocabulary. Try these clothes songs.

Food songs

Kids enjoy seeing Meg make breakfast in her cauldron. Explore all kids of food singing along with these food songs.

Animal songs

There are lots of not so cuddly animals in this story, except for Mog of course.

Halloween songs

If you’re reading this book or watching the videos around Halloween, why not enjoy some Halloween songs.

Other Halloween resources

Continue with Meg and Mog fun with the Meg’s Eggs Story.

Check out some of these ideas for crafts and things you can make.

More games, songs and stories from LearnEnglish Kids.

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