It's mine!

Book cover for it's mine! by Rod Campbell

It’s mine! by Rod Campbell is perfect for teaching vocabulary for zoo animals, body parts, sentences with ‘can’ and useful phrases, especially ‘It’s mine!’ The colourful pages are very engaging and kids love playing detective to discover what the next animal will be.

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Kids Club English Resources

Dear Zoo Lift the flap book complements Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo Flap book

This Dear Zoo flap book includes different templates so you can either print, make and play or include a cutting and pasting stage. Perfect for story re-telling and consolidating key language from the story.

Zoo Animals Activity Pack - Complements 'Dear Zoo' and 'It's Mine!' by Rod Campbell so that kids can learn language through stories and craft.

Zoo Animals Activity Pack

10 different resources plus flashcards and game cards sets to practise language on the topic of zoo animals. All resources are the perfect complement to Dear Zoo and It’s Mine! by Rod Campbell.

From Head to Toe Activity Pack resource thumbnail cover

From Head to Toe – Activity Pack

Crafts, worksheets, activities, flashcards and game cards to complement From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. Practise body parts, animals and action vocabulary. There are a variety of templates to choose from to suit age, level and target language and skills.

Monkey Puzzle Activity Pack thumbnail cover

Monkey Puzzle Activity Pack

Monkey Puzzle Activity Pack contains 328 pages of differentiated crafts, worksheets, games and other teaching resources to help kids learn with the story.

Storytelling videos

Animal Body Parts Rap

Wild Animal Body Parts Flashcards video

Zoo songs

Digital Zoo Animal Games

Play these zoo games directly on mobile, tablet, computer or interactive whiteboard. Pause the timer by clicking on the time in the top right corner.

It's Mine! - What's in the box?

In each box there is an animal from It’s Mine! Can the children guess the animal before they open the box?!

Flip Tiles

This game is great for teaching then practising the animal vocabulary. See some ideas below.

  1. Memory challenge – Tap the settings icon in the bottom left hand corner. Click ‘Show all tile backs’. Reveal the animals one by one, getting the children to repeat and do actions each time. Alternatively, get the children to choose the leaves to flip over. After they are all revealed, flip them back. Can they remember what is where?!
  2. What’s Missing? – Get the children to turn around. Press ‘eliminate’ on one of the tiles. Can they identify what’s missing?