The Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy book cover

This wonderful story helps you explore the themes of friendship, kindness and inclusion with your young learners. Help your kids navigate the difficult territory of friendship, feeling let out and talk about ways to be a good friend.

Apart from the important messages this picture book has to offer, you can also teach useful language to help your ESL kids express themselves and talk about what is happening in their worlds.

There are several versions of this story available. See reviews and purchase options on Goodreads or watch the storytelling videos.

Kids Club English Resources

Storytelling videos

Friendship songs

Being Kind Quiz

Colour the world with kindness video

There are no words with this short video. Challenge the children to watch and remember the acts of kindness. They could dramatise it afterwards and even add in their own kindness scenes. Their classmates can guess what the kind act is from their mimes.

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