Funny Bones

Funny bones book cover

Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is a children’s classic that never seems to get old. The beginning with the dark, dark town with the dark, dark street that introduces the skeletons is almost hypnotic. It’s a great story for introducing structures for simple descriptions, prepositions and places in a town and body parts. Of course, it ties in very nicely with Halloween too!

You can get your own copy of the book here or watch the storytelling videos.

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Kids Club English Resources

This story fits in perfectly with the topic of body parts. Take a look at our Body Topic Resource Page.

Storytelling videos

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike our other Story Resource Pages, these videos are of different stories in the Funny Bones series, rather than videos of the same story. The 1st one is the classic. However, the introduction is the same in each one.

Craft idea to retell the story

Dem bones songs

Try these different versions of the ‘Dem Bones’ song. Which one is your favourite?

Body songs

Town and city songs

Halloween songs

Funny Bones Printables

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