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The Enormous Turnip


The Enormous Turnip story is ideal for young children learning language. It provides lots of repetition and opportunities for joining in. Kids can learn people, family and pet vocabulary and talk about food and growing things.

There are several versions of this story available. See reviews and purchase options here or watch the videos below. The version pictured above is contains simplified text and is ideal for beginners and children learning English.

Story videos

Activity Pack

Use these interactive crafts and worksheets with your kids at home or in the classroom. All activities come complete with DETAILED Activity Suggestions to help you conduct the activity in a language rich way. There are a variety of versions of each activity type so they are perfect for DIFFERENTIATION according to age or ability level.

Digital Simplified Story with Audio

These Digital Interactive Story Cards are great for giving kids control over their own learning and providing an interesting way to retell the story. Choose to listen and read or read and then listen to check. The cards are also useful for practising key vocabulary and phrases from the story.

Family songs

Pet songs

Food songs

Simplified Powerpoint Story

Download the FREE Enormous Turnip powerpoint to tell the story in an alternative way. The language is simplified and includes lots of repetition to help children acquire the key language more easily. You could project it with larger groups and even use the images to play language and vocabulary games. 

Kids will enjoy joining in with the repeated phrases; ‘Come and help!’, ‘Pull!’, ‘The turnip doesn’t move’.