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The Smartest Giant in Town


The Smartest Giant in Town is a charming story of a giant who gives away all his new clothes to the various characters he meets on his journey. It’s a story about being kind and generous to others. It’s also fun to imagine how different items of clothing can be used in different ways.

This story could be a springboard for exploring the topics of friendship, clothes, animals and sharing.

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Story videos

The Smartest Giant in Town - Activity Pack

Worksheets, Crafts, Games and Flashcards to complement the Smartest Giant story. All activities include a variety of templates for you to choose from so that you can differentiate according to your context. These printable activities facilitate interactive and dynamic practice of clothes and animal vocabulary, as well as other key story language phrases and stuctures. 

The Smartest Giant in Town - Clothes Flipbook

Also included in The Smartest Giant in Town Activity Pack

Make, practise and play with this fun flipbook. Choose from a range of templates to practise clothes and/or animal vocabulary.  Use with or without the Smartest Giant in town story and follow the detailed Activity Suggestions to maximise language learning opportunities….then PLAY!

Clothes songs

Animal songs

Friendship songs