Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle

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Monkey Puzzle (also known as “Where’s my Mum?”) by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a firm favourite with children in our classes. The feeling and anxiety of not finding Mum immediately is a feeling that a lot of kids are able to identify with. They sympathise with the monkey as they meet lots of other animals in the jungle until, of course, they find MUM!

This story is fantastic for children learning language. It is full of phrases that kids can join in with and it is rich in descriptive vocabulary. Kids learn body parts, adjectives and describing ability and actions, as well as jungle animal vocabulary.

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Story videos

Monkey Puzzle Activity Pack

Make and play with the crafts and activities in our Activity Pack. All activities come complete with detailed activity suggestions to inspire different ways of conducting each activity. Each activity is interactive to allow for maximum language practice. There are a range of templates to choose from so you can differentiate each activity to suit your child/children and context.

Body songs

Monkey songs

Opposites songs

Action songs

Jungle animal songs

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Powerpoint games

Use these simple powerpoint games to practise your target language from the story. See the notes section on the slides for activity suggestions on games you can play.

Monkey Puzzle - Hidden pictures

Monkey Puzzle - Shapes reveal

Monkey Puzzle - hidden pictures - Kids Club English

Practise animal vocabulary from the Monkey Puzzle story with these graudal reveal games.

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Monkey Puzzle - Shapes reveal - Kids Club English

Watch the shapes disappear to reveal the Monkey Puzzle animals.

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Simplified powerpoint story

Monkey Puzzle Simplified powerpoint story -kids club english

This adapted version of the story includes useful phrases, jungle animals and body parts vocabulary.

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