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Go Away Big Green Monster

Go away Big Green Monster is a very popular story, especially with younger kids. They love telling the monster to ‘GO AWAY’ bit by bit. Young children learn to overcome their fears of monsters and at the same time, they learn lots of body vocabulary. The text in their story is quite repetitive and you’ll be surprised how much kids can remember and join in with. See reviews and purchase options here or watch the videos below.

Story videos

Activity Pack

This exciting 222 page activity pack can be used to support children’s learning in a variety of ways. Help children learn about body parts and features, practise colour and shape recognition and build on their counting, literacy and vocabulary skills.

Through following activities in the pack, children are also encouraged to listen and follow instructions, maintain concentration on a given task, talk about themselves, learn about others and develop social skills.

Digital Board Games

These Go Away Big Green Monster Board Games include 6 boards divided into 3 types: CLICK HERE FOR A PLAYABLE PREVIEW

*Picture boards

*Colouring Boards (to be used with annotate/draw software)

*Text and Picture Match Boards (pictures can be dragged in place)

All boards can be used to practise body partscolours and story language.

Digital Drag and Drop

Interactive task cards that recreate Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley. Kids can listen, read and then drag the pieces into place. As in the story, first they create the monster and then they move the body parts into the trash until the monster is gone.


Body songs

These songs are a great complement to Go Away Big Green Monster. There’s a mixture of active and more calming songs to help kids learn this vocabulary.

Colour songs

Powerpoint game

You can use this simple powerpoint game to provide a change of focus while still practising your target language. Activity suggestions are in the notes section on different games you could play with the images.