Stick Man

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a book that quickly captures children’s imaginations. Kids enjoy following Stick Man on his adventures and can easily identify with common themes running through the story: getting lost; being happy to be reunited with family; being called the wrong name; the endless possibilities for playing with a stick! The repetitive nature of the rhymes makes it great for second language learners. The story ends with Christmas and ties in nicely with the Xmas theme, but it is also great for exploring the seasons. Find videos, songs and links to crafts and resources to complement this popular story.


Story videos

Enjoy these songs that have been written based on the story:


Crafts and Printables

Stick Man – Flashcards, Mini-cards and Matching cards

This card pack is packed full of engaging images and text cards. There are two versions of the text cards to allow you to focus on either the things Stick Man is used for OR the object / character.

Stick Man – Dominoes

A variety of different templates are included so that you can differentiate according to ability, time available, interaction patterns and skills focus.

Stick Man – Jigsaws

Three jigsaws available in three levels of difficulty. All of them are available in colour and black and white.

Stick Man – Mini-book

Stick Man – Fortune Teller

FREE Stick Man Mazes

Click the Free Download button below to get these fun mazes. Help Stick Man find his family and practise number recognition and counting.

Free download


FREE Stick Man Storyboards

Use these templates to recreate the story. There are detailed suggestions for how you can use the templates in an interactive and dynamic way to include lots of great language practise.

Other resources

Find links to other Stick Man products and some free downloadable games and activities.

Stick Man film

Watch the complete Stick Man film.

Stick Man story sack

Great ideas for how to create and use your own story sack.