Songs – English through Songs

Listen, sing and dance along to these popular songs for kids. Songs are a fantastic way for children to acquire a language. Not only are they memorable, but they also encourage the acquisition of contextualised chunks and most importantly, they’re FUN!

Click on the icons for songs related to each topic.
The Classroom management songs page is useful to have open every session. You can make easy stage transitions with these clear signals to the children.
Classroom Management stage transitions playlist
The following topics link to pages containing both gallery style and running playlists of songs that you can control directly from the Kids Club English site. These pages offer the advantage of greater control in selecting songs out of sequence and managing the start and finish times. You can also go to the direct links to the youtube playlists.
Link to action songs page
Link to animal songs page
link to body songs page


Calm and Settle songs page
Clothes songs page
Colours songs page

 Counting / Numbers songs page
 Food songs page
 Games songs page

 Home songs page
 Jobs songs page
 Months of the year songs page


Music songs page
Nature songs page
Opposites songs page


Prepositions songs page

Daily Routines songs page
School songs page
 Senses song page
 Shapes songs page
Sports and leisure songs page
Time songs page
Town songs page
 Transport songs page
 Weather songs page


Fingerplay songs for kids learning english




 Special days

Halloween songs page
Christmas songs page


Recommended Youtube channels:

Link to Sumper SImple Songs Youtube channel

A link to the Dream English Kids youtube channel.

Link to The Learning Station youtube channel.

Link to pinkfong youtube channel