¡No solo fichas! Encontrarás actividades interactivas de calidad para complementar cuentos o temas. Nuestros recursos te ayudan a aumentar las oportunidades de interacción y, por lo tanto, la práctica del idioma y los niños se emocionan al hacerlos. No solo eso, crean registros útiles de aprendizaje y ayudan a las familias a jugar con sus hijos en casa en inglés de una manera auténtica. Todos los recursos incluyen diferentes variaciones para que pueda seleccionar las versiones más adecuadas para su contexto, objetivos y grupo de edad.

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Elmer Finger Puppets resource. Perfect for roleplay and story retelling. Use in classroom games. Choose from 3 different templates.

Elmer Finger Puppets

Elmer Finger Puppets that your ESL kids will love to make and play with. Great for drama and play conversations.

Go Away Big Green Monster Activities Bundle offers cover

Go Away Big Green Monster Activities Bundle

Over 15 quality digital and printable downloads packed with Go Away Big Green Monster activities. Hours of fun with other ESL topics too!
Get a special discount on 3 or more products or get the whole lot at more than a 50% discount.

Peace at Last 16 page mini-books. Includes 4 different versions. Use in story retelling. Practise key vocabulary and story phrases. Practise sequencing skills.

Peace at Last – 16 page mini-books

These Peace at Last 16 page mini-books are a super fun way to help ESL kids learn English while retelling the story and practising sequencing skills.

Zoo Animals Wheel crafts cover. Mix and match wheel templates to practise different skills. Complements 'Dear Zoo', 'It's Mine!' zoo themes. Great for storytelling, games, sequencing and more!

Zoo Animals Wheel Crafts

Super interactive Zoo Animals Wheel Crafts that get your ESL kids playing, learning and even storytelling. Works independently or with ‘Dear Zoo’ or ‘It’s Mine!’ by Rod Campbell.

Over in the Meadow Spinner Game cover. Practise meadow animals, actions and habitats language. Follow included dynamic procedures to maximise language learning. Includes templates for several versions of the song.

Over in the Meadow Spinner Game

Your ESL kids will love making these simple but effective Over in the Meadow Spinner Games. Follow the suggestions for lots of fun language practice.

Jungle Animals Snakes and Ladders cover. Play and practise jungle language. Includes templates for kids to create their own. ncludes longer and shorter versions of the game.

Jungle Animals Snakes and Ladders

These Jungle Animals Snakes and Ladders board games are a fun, interactive and effective way to practise jungle animal language with ESL kids.

Room on the Broom Book Craft - Learning English through stories and craft

Room on the Broom Book Craft

This Room on the Broom Book Craft includes 3 versions for kids to make their very own copy of the story. Great for sequencing, literacy, reading, listening and perfect to prepare for drama too!

Shark family stick puppets. Sing the baby shark song. Use in roleplay and free play. Practise listening and speaking skills.

Shark family stick puppets

Your young learners will LOVE making and playing with these Shark family stick puppets. A super fun way to learn family vocabulary.

Elmer Jigsaw and Craft resource cover. Includes 2 different images. Includes 3 jigsaw types for each image. Practise descriptive adjectives, colours, numbers, body parts

Elmer Jigsaws and Craft

Fun, easy and effective Elmer jigsaw games and crafts that you can use across different ESL levels.

Farm animals Lift the flap crafts - 4 variations for each craft type - Integrated skills practice - Detailed activity procedures - Mixed abilities - Complements farm stories and songs

Farm Animals Lift the Flap Crafts

A whole lot of integrated skills practice with only one sheet of paper. Perfect for working on a farm theme or to complement a farm song or story such as ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’ or ‘Oh Dear!’ Choose from several variations for kids to fold, cut, stick, colour, draw and write. Follow the activity procedure to create a whole lesosn or series of lessons.

Bear marionette cover. Practise body parts. Complements bear stories. Use in drama games and songs. Black and white or colour.

Bear marionette craft

Kids will love learning body parts and playing with this simple bear marionette craft. Perfect to complement any bear theme or story sessions featuring bears.

Class record book - fully editable. Reflective learning, Getting to Know You, Teacher feedback, Behavior accountability, Language support

Class record book – Activities and self-assessment

These class record books combine a range of start or year/term activities to give your group the tools they need to get off to a good start AND give you incredibly useful lesson feedback on the activities your kids liked/didn’t like and on how they see their own abilities. Included are creativity, communication and co-operation, but the resource is FULLY EDITABLE so you can adapt as you wish.

Over in the Meadow Mini-books cover. Practise meadow animals, actions and numbers 1-10. Develop number recognition. Follow included dynamic procedures to maximise language learning. Includes templates for several versions of the song.

Over in the Meadow Mini-books

Choose from several templates according to your context and objectives. Your ESL kids can practise numbers, animals, habitats, actions and more!

Monkey Puzzle Jigsaw craft cover. Includes 2 different images. Includes 2 jigsaw types for each image. Practise animals, numbers, number recognition.

Monkey Puzzle Jigsaw crafts

Bring some crafty magic to your ESL kids with these Monkey puzzle jigsaw crafts. Choose from several templates to practise nature, animal vocabulary and numbers. Fun!

End of the year pop-up card craft - Fully editable

End of the Year Pop-up Card Craft

This fully editable pop-up card craft is perfect for reviewing topics or stories used during the school year or to practise summer vocabulary. The comprehensive Activity Procedures are packed with ideas to use this for a whole lesson or for part of your last classes.

Team Sports Present continuous Digital Game cards. Choose from three sets to practise team sports vocabulary and help children assimilate the present continuous. Includes a gender inclusive set with 3rd person singular 'they'

Team Sports Present Continuous Digital Game Cards

This Team Sports Digital resource include 3 sets to help kids learn 9 team sports and present continuous questions and short answers. The focus is on identifying the vocabulary, but your kids will also assimilate present continuous structures naturally.

Go Away Big Green Monster dominoes. Lower and higher templates. Includes 6 variations for different skills practice. Facilitates language practice during and after making the game.

Go Away Big Green Monster Dominoes

Your ESL kids will have so much fun with these Go Away Big Green Monster dominoes and craft. Includes different templates for different skills.

Animals and Actions flap cards - two levels - dice game on back

The Rabbit Listened – Animals and Actions Flap cards

This multi-stage resource helps you practise key animal and action language from The Rabbit Listened story. Includes higher and lower levels and pre-during and after activities. Use as part of a lesson with the story or as a stand alone lesson.

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