Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is a story about friendship and sharing. The bright colours and simple story line appeal to even very young children.

This story can be used as a very nice springboard into exploring the sea and sea animals. It’s also good for practising counting and revising colours. Throughout the story kids can also learn the language for making requests and responding: ‘Can I have a scale, please?’; ‘No, you can’t!’; ‘Yes, you can’; ‘Here you are’; ‘Thank you’; ‘You’re welcome!’

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Rainbow Fish book cover - Link to story resources page - Kids Club English

On this page you can find Story videos, and explore our collections of Sea songs, Counting songs, Colour songs  and a video to practise request language.

Story videos



Choose your favourites from the galleries and sing and dance together.  You can also let the songs play continuously in the background if you use the playlists. Alternatively, go to our playlists on our Youtube channel.

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Request language song and game