Over in the Meadow

Over in the Meadow is a popular folk song with many different variations. It has been illlustrated and published by many different people and the animals and actions vary in each one. In EVERY version, however, we meet different countryside animal mothers with their little ones.

The song goes from 1 to 10 so is excellent for learning / consolidating numbers and counting. It’s great for learning about animals, their habitats, actions and sounds too.

These are our favourite versions: Louise Voce, Barefoot books,

Child’s Play (Classic Books with Holes)

Over in the meadow book cover - Louise voce - kids club english

On this page you can find links to our Over in the Meadow – Activity Pack and Over in the Meadow Song videos. You can also find related collections of Animal songs, Counting songs and Nature songs.

Crafts and Printables

Over in the Meadow – Activity Pack

This Activity Pack is packed full of fun crafts and games to print, make and play. Find a full description of what it contains on either Mindingkids or TPT.

Song videos

The following videos complement different published versions of this popular folk song.


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