I am the Music Man


I am the Music Man is an engaging book based on the popular children’s song. This book combines the fun of lifting flaps to discover the next instrument and each page has lots of subtle changes to discover.

This song is language rich and kids can easily pick up the key phrases: “I am the Music Man; I come from down the way; And I can play?; What can you play?; I can play the…” The obvious vocabulary topic is Music but the images in this book also allow you to practise Home, Family and Pet vocabulary easily.

You can buy your own copy of this book here: I am the Music Man

I am the music man resources

On this page you can find Crafts and Printables, Music Man Song and Story videos, Home songs, Family songs and Pet songs.

Crafts and Printables

I am the Music Man – Matching cards, Mini-cards and Flashcards

Attractive card sets starring musical instruments, pets and people vocabulary that you can use in conjunction with the I am the Music Man song or story book OR as part of a unit on music, pets or people. Detailed Activity Suggestions are included with games you can play with the matching and mini-cards. A great resource to have ready for fast finishers too. See full description and preview in our TpT store.


I am the Music Man – Spinner Game Craft

This Spinner game provides several opportunities to practise music vocabulary both in the making of it and in playing with it afterwards. Playing the game supports the development of social skills, as well as communication and language. Great to take home and play with the family. See full description and preview in our TpT store.

Music Man song and story videos



This story is a nice springboard into quite a few different vocabulary topics. Below you can find song collections relating to the topics of home, family and pets.

Choose your favourites from the galleries and sing and dance together.  You can also let the songs play continuously in the background if you use the playlists. Alternatively, go to our playlists on our Youtube channel.

Home songs





Family songs





Pet songs