A guide to our resources

Our Kids Club English resources include a mix of digital and printable resources. On this page you’ll find a summary of each of the resource types. I hope this will help you identify the resources that will best suit you and your learners.

Story Activity Packs

Topic Activity Packs

Activity Packs contain everything you need to teach between 6 to 10 or more lessons based on the story or topic. Each pack contains:

  • Flashcards, matching cards and mini-cards for the presentation and practice of key language.
  • Between 6 to 12 crafts, game and worksheet resources. Within each resource there are a variety of templates to choose from so you can differentiate according to the skills you want to practise and the age and ability of your learners.

The different templates mean that you can use the same Activity pack across different age groups and levels. You can even repeat the story or topic across academic years with the same group, but use a different template variation.

Most Activity Packs are priced around 6.20€. You can choose to buy them individually or you can get one of our Member Passes to have access to everything.

Individual Resources for Stories

Individual Resources for Topics

Our individual resources for stories or topics typically contain one resource type. As with all our resources, they include different variations so you can choose the most appropriate for your context and group of learners.

You’ll also find some Flashcards and Game card resources. These are designed more for the teacher to print and assemble (or project), rather than as resources that the children put together themselves.

Prices of invidual resources vary, but most fall between 1.50€ to 3.50€. Again, you will have access to all of them, with a Member Pass.

Free Resources

You will also find a range of free resources on this site for you to enjoy. There are 4 main resource types.

Simplified PowerPoint Stories

PowerPoint files that have adapted text especially for ESL/EFL learners. These are perfect for online classes or for a change of dynamic. The images are useful for use in a range of games or for listen and point activities. It’s also possible to print them and use them in sequencing activities (adjust your printer settings to get more cards per A4 sheet).

Simplified Storytelling Scripts

These popular stories are simplified and consist of one or two sheets of paper. They also highlight key language you might want to focus on. Use to prepare for a storytelling session or in a mini-drama performance for higher level learners.

Free crafts and worksheets

These free worksheets and crafts give you the chance to try out some of the types of activities you can expect to find in our paid resources. 

PowerPoint Games

These are simple but effective PowerPoints that can be used to present and practise key language. They include notes on games you can play.

On our story and topic resource pages you’ll find our curated collections of storytelling videos and related song playlists. These are great for sharing with families and also for quick access and use in class. You’ll also find embedded digital games and links to our downloadable resources.

Are there other resources that you're looking for?

Perhaps there’s something particular you think I could create for you? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I take requests and will do my best to satisfy your needs.