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I used to spend AGES searching for appropriate material to use in my preschool and primary classes. There’s a lot out there, but I found that often it either didn’t suit my purposes, or I’d have to spend a long time adapting what I’d found. I really wanted to have resources that I knew would engage my young learners AND do a better job of activating and consolidating what they were learning. That’s what led me to creating my own materials and now they’re available to you too.

These are the main features that all the resources share:

  • Interactive – They provide lots of interaction opportunities where the children are actively involved in their learning.


  • Flexible – Most resources include several variations, so you can pick and choose the most appropriate templates for your young learners. This makes them great for mixed levels or mixed age groups.


  • Playful – They are not heads down, sit and complete worksheets. I’ve designed them so that they facilitate games, roleplays, story retellings and well, fun!


  • Supportive – It’s not all about what it is, but how you use it. I’ve included lots of ideas and tips for ideas to do before, during and after the activity. This helps you maximise the language practice, and makes lesson planning nice and easy.


  • Extendable – Not only will your young learners enjoy learning inside the classroom, but they can take it beyond too. All the resources facilitate interaction with their families. They go home with something to show, play or even teach with. I don’t think this tends to happen with pages in a workbook!

Kids Club ENglish worm, shrugging shoulders What are the resources?

♦ Story resources – based around popular picture books

♦ Topic resources – based around common topics in primary courses and young learner exams

♦ Classroom management resources – a growing collection of useful tools to help you organise and manage your classes

Below you’ll find an outline of the type of resource you’ll find in each category.

Story Resources

One of the challenges of working with picture books is finding ways to give the children practice of the language, and creating a structured lesson. Another is finding ways to tell and retell the story in language that is easy to acquire. That’s where I can help!

You’ll find:

♦ Flashcards and game cards – identify and target useful phrases and topic vocabulary.

♦ Crafts to facilitate story retelling  – story sliders, story wheels, mini-books, roleplay puppets, small world play, sequencing fans, cut and paste story scenes and many more.

♦ Games and crafts to activate story language and vocabulary – dice, graphing sheets, flap books, board games, bingo, dominoes, fortune tellers…..

♦ Simplified PowerPoint stories – stories retold in graded language, specifically to incorporate more repetition of useful phrases and structures.

♦ PowerPoint games – simple but effective hidden and missing picture games to target key language.

♦ Digital stories and games – simplified stories with audio and listen and choose games.

♦ Simplified storytelling scripts – use to practise storytelling or in drama activities.

Explore the story resources

Take a closer look at our story resources. Filter by resource type or search for a story

We also have dedicated story resource pages where you can find curated collections of songs, storytelling videos and games. Everything you need. 

Topic Resources

One of the reasons a lot of families choose my courses is because they want something different. They worry that their children will get bored of following another course book, and lose interest in English. Disengaged kids are no fun for us teachers either! Our topic resources help you cover the typical content you would find in a course book or exam preparation course….but in a more fun and interesting way.

The topic resources include many of the same resource types as for stories. For example, interactive crafts, games, flashcards, game cards etc.

You’ll also find more interesting graphic organisers, surveys, spinner games, folding crafts and more.

Explore the topic resources

Take a closer look at our topic resources. Filter by topic, resource type, or communicative function.

On the topic resource pages, you’ll also find:

  • Song playlists
  • Related stories – even if your focus is on topics, there’s still space for stories : ) Use them as another way to bring your topic to life.
  • Digital games and links

Classroom Management Resources

This is a growing collection that includes:

I plan to add more tools here in the future. Let me know what would be useful!

What do teachers say about the resources?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Maybe you have the time and enjoy creating things, but it has to be said that being a young learner teacher can involve a HUGE amount of extra work making materials. Give yourself a break!

All my materials have been tried and tested in the classroom. As well as having almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am also a qualified trainer for the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate), so you can rely on the quality.

Yes! They work great for mixed aged groups and different abilities because they come with different templates AND different suggestions with how to use the resource. No time wasted on adapting different worksheets!

The provided activity suggestions for pre, during and after the craft give you all the steps you need to create a fun and engaging lesson for your young learners. 

If your young learners are in love with the book, fantastic! In my experience though, even if you don’t abandon the book completely, it’s worth your while bringing in something new and exciting into the class once in a while. It helps keep your group engaged. Engaged and motivated children make for a happy lesson (and teacher!)

Are there other resources that you're looking for?

Perhaps there’s something particular you think I could create for you? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I take requests and will do my best to satisfy your needs.

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