Other resources – freebies, websites, powerpoints

Useful websites


A blog site run by two children’s librarians dedicated to Storytime. Their site provides lots of inspiration for songs, rhymes and fingerplays. Their related Pinterest and Youtube sites are worth checking out too.

Craft with Jack

A blog crammed full of practical and effective ideas for art and craft projects. All the crafts are made from easy to find, everyday materials and have been tried and tested in the classroom. These projects can be easily incorporated into a language programme, and are well suited to EFL courses.


This site includes pictures and videos for some very nice art projects using a range of different materials. There are also links to free resources and printables. Many activities are suited to older children or would require close supervision.

Easy Peasy and Fun

Find fantastic craft ideas and free templates that even very young children can enjoy. The great thing about the ideas on this site is that they are indeed, EASY. They don’t require specialist craft equipment so they can be enjoyed by most people. There are good collections for different topics so you can find something that would tie in for a topic or story you’re working on.


Powerpoint games

These simple powerpoint games can be used to provide a change of focus while still practising your target language. Activity suggestions have been provided in the notes section, especially where slides contain only images and it is not immediately obvious how you could use them.

Spot the monster games

Spot the monster powerpoint game


Use these fun monster pictures to play body parts games.

Free download

Hidden actions

Hidden animals powerpoint to practise language from From Head to Toe book


Practise animals, body and action vocabulary with this animation slide.

Free download

 Hiding pictures

Ants go marching powerpoint game free kids club english


Practise the actions from this popular song with these fun games.

Free download

Powerpoint stories

These free powerpoints include colourful images and simplified text. You can use them to tell the stories in a simpified way. They also provide a change of focus from traditional storytelling. In order for kids to acquire language, they need to hear it several times. It is very useful to re-tell stories several times for this reason. BUT…these re-tellings don’t always have to be done in the same way or format. If you are using these in a classroom setting with a projector, you might also enjoy using the slides for other vocabulary and language games.

 Simplified Elmer story

Elmer simplified story powerpoint. The Elmer story made simple for young learners of English as a foreign language.

Join Elmer the colourful elephant on his adventure. This simplified version includes useful repetition of colours and animals vocabulary.

Free download

 Simplified Enormous Turnip story

Link to free enormous turnip simplified story download. Enormous turnip adapted for young children learning English.

Kids will enjoy joining in with the repeated phrases; ‘Come and help!’, ‘Pull!’, ‘The turnip doesn’t move’.

Free download