Elmer – Story videos, Songs, Crafts

Elmer is one of the most popular kids’ books in many languages around the world. The message that it’s ok to be different is an important one for children. It’s a wonderful story to practise colours, patterns and animal vocabulary too.

You can get your own copy of the classic story here: Elmer (Elmer Books)

Elmer resources for learning English - kids club english

On this page, you can find Story videos, the Elmer Activity Pack, Colours Songs, Animals Songs and a free Elmer Storytelling Powerpoint.

Story videos

Crafts and printables

Elmer the elephant – Activity Pack


Enjoy singing and dancing along to these colour and animal songs. 

Choose your favourites from the galleries and sing and dance together.  You can also let the songs play continuously in the background if you use the playlists. Alternatively, go to our playlists on our Youtube channel.

Colour songs




Animal songs




Powerpoint story

Simplified Elmer storyElmer simplified story powerpoint. The Elmer story made simple for young learners of English as a foreign language.

Includes simplified and repetitive language to help kids acquire English.

Free download