Stick Man Activity Pack

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The Stick Man Activity Pack is designed to to complement the story, Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. These crafts and activities support learning of topic vocabulary such as peoplefamilyfeelings and seasons AND help focus on expressing purpose language.


Activities are specifically designed to allow for differentiation of ability and context and come complete with COMPREHENSIVE ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS.

The Stick Man Activity Pack includes:

The entire pack contains 209 pages of information and resource templates!
  • Dominoes

Choose from a variety of templates to differentiate according to ability, available time, interaction patterns and skills focus. Simply print, cut and play OR use the cut and paste templates to work on oral comprehension, production or literacy skills.

  • Jigsaws

3 separate jigsaws, each available in 3 levels of difficulty so you can easily differentiate in terms of ability and language or skills focus. Print the black in white versions to combine with a colouring or craft activity.

  • Mini-books

Make your own Stick Man story! There are two main types of template in this pack. One is designed to simply print and assemble. The other is designed so that the kids have to find, stick and assemble their own story. The second version is included to allow for more sequencing tasks and is more conducive to re-telling the story while making it.

  • Fortune Tellers

Make and play with fortune tellers to practise language from Stick Man. This product contains two different fortune teller templates AND a blank template to adapt to your own language focus. All templates are available in black and white and colour.

  • Storyboards

Recreate the Stick Man story with these simple storyboards. Choose between the different versions so that you can decide the level of difficulty, the time you want to spend on it, and the level of creativity you want to allow for. Follow the ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS for ways to conduct the activity to maximise language acquisition and production opportunities. The text templates deliberately include repetitive structures to help children assimilate the new language.

  • Seasons Find and Stick

Kids learn about the seasons while consolidating language story. Simply print the worksheet and picture / text cut-ups that suit your learners and context.

  • Mazes and Numbers recognition

4 different mazes where children help Stick man find his family. Kids practise numbers recognition, counting and language from the story.

  • Colouring Sheets

3 different colouring sheets are available: Stick Man’s family with a Christmas tree, Stick Man forest scene with the helper animals from the story. Stick Man with the main story events and the things poor Stick Man is used for!

  • Writing and Drawing templates

Choose from a variety of templates for any Stick man related writing or drawing project. There are templates with or without writing guidelines, templates with drawing and writing areas and templates with blank drawing space.

  • Flashcards, Mini-cards and Matching cards

A variety of card sets to teach and practise language from the story. Topics include people, seasons, animals and key objects in Stick Man’s adventures. Follow the activity suggestions for ideas of gamesyou can play.

Please note the Stick Man story is not provided with this resource but is available in major book stores. You can also check our our Digital Simplified Stick Man story and/or our FREE Simplified Stick Man Powerpoint.



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  • Pack Activities Stick Man

    Fantástico material, ofrece mil posibilidades y lo mejor es el tiempo que ahorras en buscar o preparar tú mismo el material a partir del libro.

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    • Gracias Eva! Me alegro mucho que haya sido útil : ) Thank you!

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