My Teacher is a Monster Activity Pack

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Dynamic and engaging crafts, worksheets, games and flashcards to teach English with My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown.

What is included?

This 103 page Activity Pack contains 9 different resources. Each resource contains several different variations. You can choose the most suitable for the age and level of your young learners, and the skills you want to practise. Every resource helps you include plenty of speaking and listening opportunities for a memorable and fun learning experience.

What will my students learn?

These resources will help your young learners with these language points:

  • colour vocabulary
  • numbers vocabulary
  • school objects vocabulary
  •  body vocabulary
  • classroom language
  • craft and game language

At the same time, they’ll develop their fine motor skills, literacy skills, social skills and develop their understanding of the world.

Key Vocabulary Sets:

black, white, yellow, orange, brown, red, green, blue, pink, purple
1 to 10; one to ten
School objects:
pencil, crayons, sharpener, eraser, ruler, pencil case, glue, pen, bag, scissors
head, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, teeth, leg, hand, feet, arm

SEE the Preview for full details of the vocabulary and structures targetted.

Comprehensive Activity Suggestions provide lots of ideas for activities to do before and after, and also give you ideas for interactive ways to conduct the activities for effective language practice.

The My Teacher is a Monster Activity Pack includes:

The entire pack contains 103 pages of information and resource templates!
  • Body labelling worksheets
Follow the activity suggestions to revise and practise body vocabulary. Suggestions included for non-literate learners too. Option to use one ofthe templates as a fun colouring activity.
  • Draw and colour
Children use their creativity and practise body parts vocabulary to create their own version of the teacher monster.
  • How many teeth? worksheets
Differentiate according to abilities in your group to practise numbers and counting with these fun monster worksheets.
  • Numbers jigsaws
Choose one of the three options in either a game or craft activity to make an attractive teacher monster jigsaw while practising numbers and sequencing at the same time.
  • School objects fortune teller
Using these templates, children create a fortune teller with common classroom objects. Follow the activity suggestions for fun follow-up games to play and practise.
  • School vocabulary plane
A fun way to practise school vocabulary using one of the interactive activity suggestions then play with the paper planes just like in the story!
  • School objects graphing dice and graphing templates
Using the variety of templates provided encourage children to practise their colouring, cutting and sticking skills. Once assembled, follow the activity suggestions to play fun games while practising the target language of your choosing.
  • Draw and write templates
A range of templates, with and without guidelines for kids to complete any related project. Also includes templates for kids to reflect and write / draw about themselves being monsters….and about their teachers too!
  • Mini-cards
Excellent for a range of games and matching tasks. Print multiple sets for pair and small group work.
Please note the My Teacher is a Monster story is not provided with this resource but you can find storytelling videos, as well as other related topic based songs on our My Teacher is a Monster Story resource page. 

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