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Whether you are supporting children with their language and communication skills, teaching them a new language, looking for activities to complement a favourite story or simply searching for fun, new ways to learn at home, this games and activities book provides a quick and easy reference bank to dip into. The majority of the games included are aimed at children aged 3 to 8 years old but could also be used with older children.

Activities are grouped into Settle and Stir categories so you can plan your session depending on the needs of your particular group of children. Many of the activities are designed to use in conjunction with images or flashcards and can be adapted to any language focus.

With 56 different games to play, this book is bursting with activities that will support children in each of the development areas:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Children build confidence through their learning and understanding of the activities. Playing games in a group allows them the opportunity to develop their social skills, work alongside others, share ideas and take turns.

Communication & Language

Children have the opportunity to learn new words and phrases, practice pronunciation, and communicate their ideas.

Expressive Arts & Design

Some games require children to draw, demonstrate an action or pretend.

Physical Development

Some activities require children to carry out actions or move around. For example, rolling, throwing, passing, catching or dodging a ball. Fine motor and coordination skills are also practiced with opportunities to draw, write and ‘go fishing’ for cards.


Children learn new vocabulary and put meaning to new words. Using flashcards with printed words, children can benefit from word recognition which will in turn improve their literacy skills. Some games also provide opportunity for children to practice spelling and write words.


Some games involve counting, number recognition or counting down/backwards.

Knowledge & Understanding Of The World

The majority of games can be carried out using basic items that you can find around the house, flashcards, minicards, or simply a collection of images cut from magazines or downloaded from the internet.

Please note, flashcards, minicards or any other items are not included with this resource.


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