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On this page you can find our Adaptable Games and Activities book, useful FREE resources to complement stories or topics. Explore powerpoint games, simplified powerpoint stories and printable games and craft resources.

Adaptable Games and Activities Book

This quick and easy reference book is designed by teachers for teachers. It is packed full of no-prep activity and game ideas that work for almost every topic. Help children with their language and communication skills, teach them a new language, look for activities to complement a favourite story or simply search for fun, new ways to learn at home. See full description and preview on Mindingkids or in our TpT store.

Powerpoint games

These simple powerpoint games can be used to provide a change of focus while still practising your target language. Activity suggestions have been provided in the notes section, especially where slides contain only images and it is not immediately obvious how you could use them.

Spot the monster games

Spot the monster powerpoint game


Use these fun monster pictures to play body parts games.

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Hidden actions

Hidden animals powerpoint to practise language from From Head to Toe book


Practise animals, body and action vocabulary with this animation slide.

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 Hiding pictures

Ants go marching powerpoint game free kids club english


Practise the actions from this popular song with these fun games.

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Food vocabulary – Hidden pictures

Food vocabulary game - hidden pictures - kids club english Practise food vocabulary with these games. See the activity suggestions in the notes.

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Butterfly lifecycle – Hidden pictures

Butterfly lifecycle hidden pictures - kids club english Learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly with these games and attractive images.

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Monkey Puzzle – Hidden pictures

Monkey Puzzle - Hidden images Practise animal vocabulary from the Monkey Puzzle story with these graudal reveal games.

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Monkey Puzzle – Shapes reveal

Monkey Puzzle - Shapes reveal - Kids Club English

Watch the shapes disappear to reveal the Monkey Puzzle animals.

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Powerpoint stories

These free powerpoints include colourful images and simplified text. You can use them to tell the stories in a simplified way. They also provide a change of focus from traditional storytelling. In order for kids to acquire language, they need to hear it several times. It is very useful to re-tell stories several times for this reason. BUT…these re-tellings don’t always have to be done in the same way or format. If you are using these in a classroom setting with a projector, you might also enjoy using the slides for other vocabulary and language games.

 Simplified Elmer story

Elmer simplified story powerpoint. The Elmer story made simple for young learners of English as a foreign language.

Join Elmer the colourful elephant on his adventure. This simplified version includes useful repetition of colours and animals vocabulary.

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 Simplified Enormous Turnip story

Link to free enormous turnip simplified story download. Enormous turnip adapted for young children learning English.

Kids will enjoy joining in with the repeated phrases; ‘Come and help!’, ‘Pull!’, ‘The turnip doesn’t move’.

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Meg’s Eggs powerpoint story

Meg's Eggs Powerpoint story

Enjoy this simplified version of Meg’s Eggs. Meg, Mog and Owl have an interesting time when a dinner time spell goes wrong!

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Monkey Puzzle powerpoint story

Monkey Puzzle Simplified powerpoint story -kids club english

This adapted version of the story includes useful phrases, jungle animals and body parts vocabulary.

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Simplified powerpoint story

Stick Man Simplified powerpoint story - Kids Club English

This adapted version of the story includes includes simplified language. It is designed to help EFl / ESL learners assimilate useful phrases and vocabulary, while still enjoying the adventures of Stick Man.

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Simplified powerpoint story

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Simplified Powerpoint Story

This simplified version of the story is specially designed for EFL / ESL learners and beginning readers. Repeated phrases include: ‘I’m hungry’; ‘I want to’; ‘I’m the…’; ‘What’s that?’; ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Please don’t…’

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Printable games and crafts

Stick Man Mazes

Click Free download for these fun mazes. Help Stick Man find his family and practise number recognition and counting at the same time.


Stick Man Storyboard Craft

Use these printables to recreate the popular Stick Man story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This resource includes different versions so that you can differentiate the level of difficult, the time you want to spend on it, and the level of creativity you want to allow for. Click Free download, print and enjoy! For more Stick Man crafts and activities, see our Stick Man Activity Pack.


Meg and Mog Numbers Jigsaws

Four fun free printable jigsaws with comprehensive activity suggestions to promote English language acquisition. These puzzles are designed so that the children interact to develop receptive and productive skills while making their jigsaws. They can then play with them in a wide variety of further activities. See our Meg and Mog and Meg’s Eggs packs for more fun crafts and worksheets. Free download