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This Clothes Activity pack supports the teaching of clothes vocabulary but the activities also facilitate the practice of language functions such as describing physical appearance, expressing likes / dislikes, expressing plurality, request language and other classroom game and craft dialogues.

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The Music Activity Pack facilitates communicative practice of Key Language Functions at Elementary and Intermediate levels of English, while at the same time building vocabulary related to the topic of music. Functions include: expressing and requesting opinions; expressing likes, dislikes and preferences; talking about past events, ability and frequency.

Interactive crafts, worksheets, games, flashcards and activities to help kids develop language on the topic of school. Also includes activities for children to talk about themselves. Perfect for getting off to a good start at the beginning of the school year. 

Interactive worksheets, crafts, flashcards and games to develop sports and leisure vocabulary and language to express preferences. Great for supporting practice of present simple and present continuous too!