Christmas – Songs, Stories, Craft, Printables

Christmas is a holiday rich in songs and stories. Many of the songs on the following playlist take the rhymes from other non-Christmas songs and adapt them to the Christmas theme. This makes it easy for young children to pick them up and enjoy singing along.

Penguin is not directly related to Christmas but it is a fabulous story that could easily be tied in with the theme. For those of you who don’t like to overdo Xmas, it’s a good choice to tie-in with the season while still allowing you to focus on other aspects of the story or language.

Stick Man is a popular story that is loosely connected to Christmas. Santa makes an appearance towards the end! Follow Stick Man on his adventure to get back to his family in the Family Tree in time for Christmas.


Christmas songs

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Christmas stories

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Stick Man



Other Christmas Resources

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Really great Christmas craft ideas that even very little kids can do.

Penguin book cover - link to story resources page. A tory that connects with the Christmas theme.