All mine! – Kids learn English through stories

All mine! is a fun story about sharing that young children will be able to relate to easily. Those of you living in areas with a lot of seagulls around, will also enjoy this story!

This story is also a good springboard for exploring emotions, animals and food language.
For your own copy of the story, click here: All Mine!


Go to Story videos, Emotion songs, Animals songs, and Food songs on this page.

All Mine! Story videos



This story is a nice springboard into quite a few different vocabulary topics. Below you can find song collections relating to the topics of feelings and emotions, animals and food.

Choose your favourites from the galleries and sing and dance together.  You can also let the songs play continuously in the background if you use the playlists. Alternatively, go to our playlists on our Youtube channel.


Emotions songs

Emotions songs gallery

Emotion songs playlist


YouTube channel emotions playlist


Animal songs

Animal songs gallery


Animal songs playlist


YouTube channel animals playlist


Food songs

Food songs gallery


Food songs playlist


YouTube food songs playlist