About Fiona

Hi, I’m Fiona.

Like you, I teach English to ESL preschool and primary learners. Has it always been easy? No way!

Watch the video to find out a wee bit about who I am and how Kids Club English can help you.

Below you’ll find some extra nuggets I didn’t mention too!

Things I’m passionate about:

Helping teachers keep their workload down

I know what it’s like. You want to do your best by your little learners and take pride in what you do. Unfortunately, this often means we put in way too many hours searching for activities and resources to make our classes special. I want you to be able to put all your energy into your classes, not in scouring the internet. I’ve done the searching and creating for you. Now, take that break!

Helping kids get the most out of their classes

When I first started teaching young learners, I felt uncomfortable with the relatively small amount of listening and speaking practice that they got in arts and crafts activities. I’ve developed my resources (and their accompanying tips and procedures) so that our young learners get plenty of opportunities to acquire the language.

I also felt frustrated that in mixed age groups and mixed ability classes, the less confident ones didn’t get to participate as fully. That’s why I include a choice of templates within each resource, and offer different procedures so it’s easy to include everyone.

Bringing English outside the classroom

In so many contexts, certainly mine, the children don’t get that much exposure to English outside of our lessons. Incorporating stories means it’s easy to involve the parents. I can easily share the links to the story and topic resource pages with the families. Not only does this mean the kids can listen again at home, it involves the families too. Better (and easy!) communication.

Even better, the kids are enthusiastic about showing their families the things they make. Many of them are games or props for drama, so they’re designed to encourage play at home. All of this makes it super easy to keep the parents on board!

Can you relate to any of that?

The Kids Club English Teacher Membership is for you!

A few Fiona facts

  • In a previous life I was a teacher trainer on the TESOL Cert course, including the Young Learners’ extension certificate.
  • I’ve kept active with my professional development, since completing my DELTA in 2011. Most recently, I completed a teaching English through drama course. I enjoy being part of the teaching community and exploring new ideas (and revisiting old ones!)
  • I love playing! One of my favourite things about teaching kids, is that I get to teach English through play.


If you want to get even more of an idea of what I’m all about, check out the Teaching Tips page. You’ll find lots of practical tips you can take straight into class.

Want to know more about the methodology and thinking behind my approach?

You can get all the info you need on the Methodology page.

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