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Do you teach ESL preschool and/or primary children?

Are you tired of endless searching for preschool and primary ESL materials?

Do you wish your classes were more engaging?

Are you overwhelmed with lesson prep?

Do you want something different from the course book so you and your young learners ENJOY your lessons more (and learn more into the bargain!)

Do you want to EASILY cater to different age groups and abilities?

Are you interested in teaching with stories, but aren’t sure how to structure a lesson this way?

Do you wish you had MORE SUPPORT?

You're in the right place!

I want to help you spend your energy enjoying your time with the kids, and stop wasting it searching around for something that might work.

I want you to have the support you need, when you need it.

Teacher Membership

If you really want to plan less, help your kids learn more (in a fun way!) and get more support, this is by far your best option. You get access to ALL the resources, AND a vibrant teacher community with exclusive weekly, bimonthly and monthly events, AND the members' home page with video and discussion archives.

Engaging resources

Plan engaging lessons for your ESL young learners with easy to use high quality craft and game materials. Check out the Resources page.

Collated story and topic resources

Find everything you need in one place on the Story and Topic Resource pages - songs, videos, games and printable resources.

Teaching Tips

Get inspired and develop your teaching skills with the articles and videos on the Teaching Tips page.

So what’s so special about Kids Club English resources?

These are the main features that all the resources share:

  • Interactive – They provide lots of interaction opportunities where the children are actively involved in their learning.
  • Flexible – Most resources include several variations, so you can pick and choose the most appropriate templates for your young learners. This makes them great for mixed levels or mixed age groups.
  • Playful – They are not heads down, sit and complete worksheets. I’ve designed them so that they facilitate games, roleplays, story retellings and well, fun!
  • Supportive – I’ve included lots of ideas and tips for ideas to do before, during and after the activity. This helps you maximise the language practice, and makes lesson planning nice and easy.
  • Extendable – Your young learners will enjoy learning inside the classroom, but they can take it beyond too. All the resources facilitate interaction with their families. They go home with something to show, play or even teach with. I don’t think this tends to happen with pages in a workbook!

Not only that, they also align with the language and skills needed for international young learner exams, such as the Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers suite or Trinity College London’s GESE exams.

What do teachers say?

“Games and songs? Ok. But why stories? Why craft?”

The benefits are too many to go into detail here, but there is one over-arching reason. They facilitate PLAY in a way that course books struggle to. More play, means more engagement, means more learning, means a happy classroom and teacher.


  • Are enjoyable and help create good conditions for learning.
  • Provide a memorable context.
  • Increase opportunities for language repetition.
  • Are universal so they support understanding.
  • Encourage 21st century skills, e.g. critcal thinking.
  • Give children a reason to communicate thoughts, feelings and share experiences.


  • Provide opportunities to repeat and consolidate new language.
  • Facilitate language use in a natural way.
  • Create records of learning.
  • Involve families in their child’s learning.
  • Can facilitate drama activities and games.
  • Bring new language to life.

Ready to bring more engagement into your
ESL young learner classroom?

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Option 2 – Browse and buy

All the resources are available for individual purchase too (and some are completely free!)

Who am I?

I'm Fiona. Nice to meet you!

I know what it's like to spend ages looking for good material for preschool and primary.....and what it's like when your kids aren't engaged in your activities. Not fun!

In fact, that's what led me to curating and creating all the material you need. It worked for me, and now it can work for you.

I also know what it's like to struggle on your own without many like-minded colleagues about you. My journey's led me to creating that community!

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